custom vacuum furnace

heat treatment furnace,brazing furnace,soldering furnace

Vacuum furnace, a specific space within the vacuum system will be part of the material within the cavity, so that the pressure inside the furnace cavity is less than a standard atmospheric pressure, the furnace space to achieve a vacuum state.

Vacuum furnace type

SIMUWU Vacuum Furnace

Company products are: vacuum quenching furnace, vacuum tempering furnace, vacuum annealing furnace, vacuum sintering furnace, vacuum aluminum brazing furnace, etc., products are widely used in aviation, spaceflight, war industry, railway, automobile, mould, electronics, scientific research and other industries and sectors.

Since the company establishment, SIMUWU has been for domestic and foreign research institutes, industry, military industry, carbon and silicon carbide industry mold industry, cemented carbide industry, powder metallurgy, non-ferrous metal casting industry and other new materials enterprises provided hundreds of sets of vacuum equipments. Our furnaces are exported to the United States, Russia, Turkey, Iran, Sweden, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Bulgaria etc. countries.